Mas Les Muriers

Your place to stay between Montpellier and St.-Guilhem-le -Désert on the Chemin de St. Jacques de Compostelle

Pilgrims (and their donkeys) are welcome to stay at our place - be it to you enjoy the marvelous view of the village and the castle while drinking a glass of water, or to stay overnight at our place. Our farm is just some steps downhill on your left before entering the village of Montarnaud.

 Les Mûriers seen from the "Chemin d'Arles / Via Tolosana".

On entrance gate - a little bridge - is on 741, Avenue Lucie Aubrac. You just have to follow the little creek (Ruisseau de Mages) you have to cross on your way (turn left).

Alma and Marlou at the entrance gate

Pilgrims Special (only if you have a "credential" = pilgrims' passport): We offer sleeping places for  10,00 - 15,00 € per person / double room 30,00 €. You're welcome to take a shower or use our private swimming pool before having dinner.

Double room

You're welcome to eat with us! Dinner (15,00 €)  is served as a French menue: snack - appetizer - main course - dessert - coffee. We prefer "slow food": Regional products, fresh vegetables and home-made dishes.

Dinner table

The breakfast buffett (10,00 €) includes various choices: coffee/tea, fresh fruit  juice, milk, hot chocolate, toast or baguette, ham & eggs or boiled eggs, cheese, yoghurt, granola (Muesli), local honey, different jams (abricot, strawberry, plums, etc.), vegetables, fruits and a take-away sandwich for the day.

Breakfast table

The donkey accomodation (5,00 €) includes a paddock, water and hay/straw. Any animal has to be healthy and vaccinated.

Donkey hotel 

Since we would like to prepare your stay as good as possible, please contact us BEFORE getting on the chemin. Yes, we do speak English.

home: 0033-(0)951-975790, cellphone 0033-(0)0781559159


Mas Les Muriers 741, Ave. Lucie Aubrac, 34570 Montarnaud /